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Bentley Communications

Accreditation has been particularly useful in pitches as an independent assurance of quality. It is an objective criteria for those clients who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong and helps in their evaluation of professional PR agencies in Hong Kong.

Ketchum Newscan Public Relations Ltd.

Ketchum was a founder member of the CPRFHK and I personally have been an active board member for the past eight years. The CPRFHK is an incredibly flexible organization meaning that members can be as participatory as suits their schedules. I’ve found the active calendar of events, programs and research the Council produces to be immensely valuable. Membership has helped me make more informed business decisions, opened new channels to business prospects, offered exciting opportunities to junior staff, helped with recruitment and offered a platform for my own personal development. Membership offers tremendous value and I would recommend every agency to join.

Simeon Mellalieu, Partner, Client Development Asia Pacific, Ketchum (Hong Kong)

Newell Public Relations

The CPRFHK was the first public relations body in Asia to establish accreditation and still remains one of the few in the region to implement such a scheme. This strict requirement for membership was a farsighted and bold move that provides clients with a clear framework to evaluate quality standards within the industry. There is no doubt that accreditation has raised the bar for PR in Hong Kong," said David Croasdale, Managing Director, Newell Public Relations.

There is definitely a sense of pride in being a member of CPRFHK because we can be certain that our practice levels are on a par with the best that the industry has to offer.


Being an accredited member of CPRFHK showcases the commitment of local PR agencies have to pushing the industry forward in Hong Kong and beyond. It provides a level of credibility to our Hong Kong business, especially with local companies that may not be familiar with our global presence or depth of expertise. In addition it has illuminated areas where we can modify our business practices to more efficiently deliver results for clients, whilst also enhancing the operations of our own business. We strongly recommend accreditation to any firms practicing or considering practicing in Hong Kong.

Flare Communications Group

Flare Communications joined CPRHK in 2015, I found it a perfect platform for agency leaders and PR professionals to connect and exchange. I appreciate so much of its clear commitment to grow young PR talents and engage new independent agencies, creating a collective hub of PR professionals with extended variety of talents and capability, which is an invaluable resource to the local PR & marketing landscape.

Bastian Wong, Founder & Director of Flare Communications Group



Sinclair Communications

Being an accredited member of CPRFHK is a powerful endorsement for Sinclair Communications and allows our overseas clients the peace of mind to know that we work to international standards. As a professional industry organisation, CPRFHK provides our management team access to the latest information, trends and  opportunities, and presents the opportunity to be involved in shaping the development of the PR professional in Hong Kong."

Kiri Sinclair, Founder and Managing Director, Sinclair Communications